The Kingdom Awake Vision:

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The vision is to equip leaders all around the world, to learn and become proficient in the teaching and preaching of The Kingdom Message, and to raise up a generation of Kings of God!

I focus on Kingship development and helping others receive their Inheritance! 

Currently the focus is on the book tour and preaching in groups all around America and beyond. I am seeing the igniting of portals of holy spirit fire and revivals of Hope and Power within these cities we visit, through prophecy, declarations, teaching, preaching, and kingdom connections. 

My desire is to help others launch their own study groups, churches, even kingdom training hubs, being equipped for the work of the ministry "of RECONCILIATION" that god is reconciling the world back to himself in Christ! And my heart is to start our own Kingdom Awake Hub or a "Kings Village/City" with a project in heart and on paper for 150+ acres in the USA. I want to bring a model of how we can manifest Kingdom and Church in a unique way that blesses not only the whole person, but the earth, plants, and animals as well! God so loved this world (kosmos - all of his created ordered system) that he sent his son!

God has given me a specific message to release to this generation and that message is "We are taking over this world for Jesus and have all dominion now. that we are Kings now to reign over the earth."

If you would like to partner with us or sow into this Vision know that we are not a 501(c)(3) and donations are not tax deductible. It truly takes a team to accomplish the Big Visions of God, and I am glad that you are considering partnering and helping us in prayer and in any way you desire. Many great things are here already, and much greater things are to come!!! 

I look forward to your teamwork in manifesting the will of Heaven on earth! Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Cory D. Gray
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